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i am sick of halifax [July 31, 2008 | 8:59pm]
[ mood | productive ]

i have asked them for a new card in excess of 10 times. they are taking the piss. i am closing my accounts tomorrow and moving to hsbc. :)

143 days later [July 29, 2008 | 3:35pm]
and i am back :) 
me and beau are the only thing remaining the same in my life. i would like a friend who doesn't annoy me but i don't think it's possible. girls are all so horrible, and i have grown away from the ones i used to have.
whenever i go down south i meet about 3 girls a day and get on with them so well, just in the street or in restauraunts. i can't wait to move their and hopefully make real friends.
me and panny keep finding better days though. i love him sosososo much through everything that has happened and is going to happen. i want to start this summer project but this flat just makes me so tired...

you don't need eyes to see if someone has a heart of glass [March 9, 2008 | 11:49am]
[ mood | calm ]

hiiii :)
lazy weekend. friday wasn't too hectic for a change, lon ques and dan were round and i fell asleep at about 11. vikie is laughing and it is making me laugh. i need another job, i haven't even got any shifts at mine now.
pan can't do his thing with garvey anymore because an unknown number asked him when they were going to start, and no one was supposed to know. so now pan has to get a job too. 
dad wants to pick my things up but keeps forgetting to ask me when.
it's the extra english lesson after college tomorrow and i'm going because i got full marks in lit so mg can shh.
i am a happy one.

shit. [February 25, 2008 | 9:09pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

i've lost my sketchbook. i have been in the graphics room in every single free period i've had, even on days when i've finished at break. if i don't find it i'm going to have to do it all again. go to manchester and photograph the arcitechture all over again and think of new ideas and do all of my critical links again and my three tone drawing and my ink drawing and just kdsfnn. andy said my sketchbook would have "pissed on an A"
it's my main worry
above finding out today that once i get my stuff back from my mums i won't be allowed back in ever again. not that i would ever ever go back but i might forget something.
i just shouted at cried at dad and i think he understands - he was talking about helping me out with rent for tim and rent for the flat anyway. i got back and tim and vikie were sorting it out and tim was saying he'll go to the citizens advice bureau tomorrow.
it makes me want to kill everyone.
i just want my book back. jo can keep my knickers or whatever. i desperately need my sketchbook :(

yummy yummy yummy [February 24, 2008 | 2:09pm]
[ mood | happy ]

 i've got love in my tummy.
best sleep of my life last night after watching the green mile. i'm so so glad to be back here. the only thing i have to worry about now is getting all of my stuff back from jo. i think we're going to try later after we've had sunday roast :} 
tim said he'd help but i don't know how we're going to get past her.
pan had some weird dreams last night and kept hitting the wardrobe. apparently we were in a pub and there were mattresses piled up against the door of the toilet or something, and then he was in the street in his boxers.
my oh, my oh my oh, my beauuu!

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